Aussie Animals

Voice Application about Australian Animals available in Amazon Alexa & Google Home devices.
Learn about australian animals while having fun, ask Aussie Animals about their habitats, diets and other facts

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Ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home
device about Australian Animals

High quality Sounds

Listen to what the different
animals sound like. What sound does the kookaburra make?

Lots of Images

If your device has a screen, you will be able to see the animals. How does the masked owl looked like?

Different Facts

More than 500 facts about australian wildlife. You can ask for interesting, fun, scary and yucky facts about different animals.

Many different animals

There is information about lots of australian animals. More facts and info about new animals is added frequently.
If you are interested in a particular animal that is not yet available, send us a message to aussieanimals (at)

Multiple animal categories

Learn about mammals, marsupials, birds, and many more. Just ask aussie animals about it.

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